Since I know you aren’t here to read paragraphs and paragraphs about me, I thought it would be fun to post random facts.

Betsy Segars - Lifestyle Blogger l Brand Ambassador

  • Soccer is a favorite past time. I played all the way through college.
  • I got married on August 1, 2014.
  • I’m the youngest of 3 siblings, my parent’s favorite and always #1
  • My father is half Japanese, which makes me a quarter Japanese.
  • Being an aunt is one of the best things EVER. I get to spoil them all and send them home to their parental units.
  • Traveling is one of my favorite things ever. Dubai ranks on the top of my list of places I’ve visited.
  • I attended Southern Methodist University.
  • My brother owns a successful roofing company in Dallas.
  • My sister is an amazing blogger who has more blogs than I can count on my hand.
  • Instead of human babies, my husband and I have fur babies (FOUR of them – 3 dogs, 1 cat)
  • Type B Personality. Structure and rulesĀ are not my strong points.
  • My husband was my mom’s realtor – that’s how we met.